Month: February, 2013

dance like i’ve got diamonds

still i rise

you may write me down in history
with your bitter, twisted lies,
you may trod me in the very dirt
but still, like dust, i’ll rise.

does my sassiness upset you?
why are you beset with gloom?
’cause i walk like i’ve got oil wells
pumping in my living room.

just like moons and like suns,
with the certainty of tides,
just like hopes springing high,
still i’ll rise.

did you want to see me broken?
bowed head and lowered eyes?
shoulders falling down like teardrops.
weakened by my soulful cries.

does my haughtiness offend you?
don’t you take it awful hard
’cause i laugh like i’ve got gold mines
diggin’ in my own back yard.

you may shoot me with your words,
you may cut me with your eyes,
you may kill me with your hatefulness,
but still, like air, i’ll rise.

does my sexiness upset you?
does it come as a surprise
that i dance like i’ve got diamonds
at the meeting of my thighs?

out of the huts of history’s shame
i rise
up from a past that’s rooted in pain
i rise
i’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
welling and swelling i bear in the tide.
leaving behind nights of terror and fear
i rise
into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
i rise
bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
i am the dream and the hope of the slave.
i rise
i rise
i rise.

maya angelou

water water everywhere

it’s so great to be taught by a person who is really good at what they do

see the other books in the bound for success exhibition here

ah home

going home for a few days to recuperate and assess my current camping gear situation. i have just won a self inflating thermal sleepmat on ebay, which is pretty exciting. currently im bored of work and dreaming of being abroad camping, farming and the big open road.

i keep listening to this mesmerizing music that is made by the incoming tide on a sea organ. so relaxing and strange – i want go there and listen to it live.





a blurry webcam photo of my evening. listening to a podcast on czech literature from the bbc arts and ideas series (very good! i have been listening to podcasts all week, i’m learning!), eating an apple, fiddling around on my new kindle (a sad necessity for long term travel with minimal room for a library) and attempting to put a battered copy of cider with rosie back together.

made by hand

the flight from the enchanter

i recently finished reading the flight from the enchanter by iris murdoch. this is third book i have read by her; the first was under the net which i loved, the second was the sandcastle which i found a little boring. i’ve made an iris murdoch sandwich of like and dislike because i really enjoyed this book. her writing feels very british – i am not entirely sure what i mean by this but if you are british and read an iris murdoch book maybe you will get the same feeling… in all three of these books the plot is heavily character based and the descriptions of them so detailed you can imagine them hopping out of the book and going about their daily life without you having to read them into being. however, there always seems to be a gothic sense of foreboding hanging over these characters – murdoch seamlessly plops this on top of her realism to make her writing seem slightly supernatural…

i really, really liked this style of writing and this book and i liked under the net as well, my friend keeps recommending the sea, the sea so i think this is my next stop.

sunday song

i went to see this band a few weeks ago and i stood directly behind the actor from merlin for the whole thing. it was the most perfect hour of my life.

walk like thunder

i have been feeling a bit trapped inside my flat recently. a bit bored. so today i loaded up my ipod with some ted talk podcasts and wandered off to the sea. there is something about coming over the top of a steep hill and being faced with the wide expanse of the sea and the sky that is so calming.

i listened to these 4 talks – a perfect antidote to laziness and boredom:

louie schwartzberg – nature. beauty. gratitude.

julie berstein – 4 lessons in creativity

matt killingsworth – want to be happier? stay in the moment

ben saunders – why bother leaving the house?


they are all free to download on itunes. i’ve subscribed to the whole thing to liven up my walk to and from work.

in the wilderness

this story amazes me…



im constantly saving pictures of beautiful books for inspiration. this one is so beautiful and kind of reminds me of brighton…

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