Month: March, 2013

searching for sugar man

i watched this film last night and it is really really good. the story is so amazing and uplifting that it is hard to believe that this is actually a true story. the fact that rodriguez was quietly living his life whilst in south africa he was the symbol for a revolution is so bizarre and beautiful – if you haven’t already watched it you definitely should!


sunday songs

kimya dawson is one of my favourite singers ever. she always makes me feel happy and better and more creative. she is great. louis took me to see her for my birthday and she was the best person i have ever seen live ever. these are a few of my favourites – but i love them all cos they are all so good!

lunchtime bookshop sweep

i sold my long, long hair on monday for £50. i didn’t need all that hair but i do need the money. i like my new hair its easy and nice, but i am still a bit sad about being nearly bald – so i reread little women because jo was my original inspiration for the hair selling:

‘i took a last look at my hair while the man got his things, and that was the end of it. i never snivel at trifles like that; i will confess, though, i felt queer when i saw the dear old hair laid out on the table, and felt only the short, rough ends on my head. it almost seemed as if i’d had an arm or a leg off. the woman saw me look at it , and picked off a long lock for me to keep. i’ll give it to you, marmee, just remember past glories by; for a crop is so comfortable i don’t think i shall ever have a mane again.’

i didn’t keep any of my locks because who keeps chunks of hair now? and also i thought they’d lower the price if i asked…

so i finished little women and realised i’d never read any of the following books so ran out on my lunchbreak to find good wives and accidentally bought two other books. which was stupid considering i am trying to clear out my flat to move out, but i can’t say no to books.


IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1984

boogie nights

wahhh this film is great!

gifs from here


we finished making these photo albums last week using a japanese stab binding. it was the most satisfying book to make because it looks impressive but was actually fairly straight-forward. i was going to give it away as a present but i think i like it too much!


productive week

our two days off have been extremely productive; we have gained: a car, a pair of muttonchops, a flatcap, two huge slabs of cake,  a new hair clip, a first time sushi experience, a heap of great cds for our car and these tea-towels (£2 for the three at one of my favourite charity shops!)

IMG_1858 IMG_1859 IMG_1860

notable hannahs

this evening i’ve been looking at notable hannahs (not including hannah montana) and stumbled across hannah hauxwell, who was a farmer from the yorkshire dales and a subject in the documentaries too long a winter and a winter too many which were shown on itv in the 1970s and the late 1980s. i watched both back to back – it is easy to see why a nation fell in love with this hardworking woman from the dales who had a hard and lonely life. she was so endearing and contented and had such a love of  her landscape and family home that it was impossible not to be moved be her lovely, lilting yorkshire dialect.

sunday song

i will be seeing this band tonight – very excited!


my sister has a postcard of an ansel adams picture stuck to her bedroom wall. it is of mountains and trees and it is so beautiful. i’d never really seen anything by him, then the other day i saw this article about his yosemite pictures and they are amazing – they are so strikingly perfect that they look almost as if they have been painted. the commentary to the pictures is great as well – without it i would never have known that there are moonbows

love in the time of cholera


i read this book in a time when my sister and one of my best friends were (one still is) in colombia. inspired by their exploits and missing them both a little i decided to read love in the time of cholera by colombian author gabriel garcia marquez. yesterday i received a postcard from cartagena – the city that this book is meant to be set in – and it reminded me of how much i enjoyed this book. it is such a beautifully heartbreaking portrait of love, death and ageing and the heavily flawed characters completely dragged me in. i recommend it completely.