Month: July, 2013

the night circus

this is a great book. after slogging (enjoyable slogging) through all six of the game of thrones books i wanted something a bit different and the night circus by erin morgenstern was a book that i have been wanting to read for a long time. if you liked films like the prestige or the illusionist or the book jonathon strange and mr norrel then you will probably like this. it follows the magical le cirque des reves as it travels the world, fuelled by two duelling enchanters who are striving to create increasingly more fantastical attractions. this is maybe not the most complex or original book, but the night circus is perfect escapism, it’s extremely easy to get into and i found myself wishing that i could visit it myself.


sunday song


i visited lyon nearly two months ago now and it was wonderful. i think it is my favourite french city, although i love paris lyon seems to be more friendly and less busy and dirty. we only spent two days there and i would love to go back because there is so much more to see.

one of the best things we did in lyon was visit the minature and cinema museum. the picture above of the empty corridor is actually a scale minature hand crafted by a minature enthuasiast. it is located in vieux-lyon, the old town area of lyon which is touristy but beautiful – full of lyonnaise bouchons. it was about 8 euros to get in – but i think it was really worth the money. half of the museum was dedicated to props and costumes from the cinema which included hightlights such as john malcovich’s prosthetic head, harry potter’s wand and robert pattinson’s fake arm. this, in itself, was great, but the remaining half was even better. this half was dedicated to minatures – small scale models of scenes that had intense attention to detail.

on sunday morning we visited the extensive food, art and book markets that spanned the banks of the river and bought bits for our picnic lunch in the parc de la tete d’or. we were only going there for the botanical gardens – but what we didn’t realise was that this park also housed a sizeable free zoo. we ate our lunch opposite the tortoises and thought that they were exciting enough, and it was only afterwards that we discovered the zoo. there was so much more to explore in the park and in lyon but we sadly didn’t have enough time to see it all.