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a beautiful video by gemma green-hope.


books books everywhere

su blackwell


in love with this catalogue and this artist.

full circle


i visited brighton at the weekend for the first time since i left last year and it was wonderful. i miss it and the people i left there but i have my dream job in bath so what can you do.

we went to this great exhibition. the idea behind it was to reflect on the huge amount of paper waste accumulated throughout the festive season and find a creative use for it. so in the middle of an empty white room there was a greenhouse filled with hole punch circles where you can take off your shoes and go inside. you could throw handfuls of the circles into the air and it was like being in a giant snow globe. there was something so calming and magical about being inside there and i realised that it would be great to have a dedicated glitter room in your house for stress relief. it really works.



we spent 3 sunny days in sofia in the summer with some friends and we were led to the small city art gallery in search of a free toilet. it features solely bulgarian artists and the exhibition they had on at time of toilet was the works of zlatyu boyadzhiev. we had just spent three wonderful weeks in the bulgarian countryside, where horse and carts were not unusual forms of transport and where there was only one flushing toilet in the village, the pictures depicting rural life were my favourite as things seemed to have changed very little from then till now.