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sweets for my sweet

a book i made for louis’ travels and the crazy painting on the inner pouch that i ripped out of an antiquarian book catalogue…




making things

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a quick little notebook i made the other day… after a long period of feeling completely uncreative the italian sunshine and some free time have got me back into the swing of things… this took me about 10 minutes with some scrap paper, some scissors and a bit of thread.

future future

this interview of veterok, a bookbinder from finland, is both interesting and heartening. i always find it nice to see successful bookbinders (i know that there are plenty) because sometimes it seems like a faraway dream to me.

in the nature

teaching louis to make notebooks with extreme success. the cover was made out of a beautiful booklet from the dijon opera house.

marble club

of all the places in france i have somehow (unknowingly) arrived in a town with one of the only dedicated bookbinding schools in the country. it’s been making me think lots about the future and possibilities. seeing this video today, i’ve been thinking about all the materials involved in making a book and how it would be good to start from scratch with all of them, making the tools, paper and leather yourself. maybe i’ll find someone along the way who knows something about it…


we finished making these photo albums last week using a japanese stab binding. it was the most satisfying book to make because it looks impressive but was actually fairly straight-forward. i was going to give it away as a present but i think i like it too much!


water water everywhere

it’s so great to be taught by a person who is really good at what they do

see the other books in the bound for success exhibition here

made by hand


im constantly saving pictures of beautiful books for inspiration. this one is so beautiful and kind of reminds me of brighton…

taken from here

say what

these shell books are beautiful and so clever… i am keeping my mind ticking in the hope that something this clever occurs to me at some point.

these books are available to buy on etsy here