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sunday song


hypnotic melody

supremely soporific and beautiful.

if it wasn’t for you

sunday songs

Spring Fever from RookieMag on 8tracks Radio.

on repeat peat peat.


feeling a bit dazed on return to england, food, friends, family, plenty of wine and the prospect of a 70s themed dinner party for new years eve (complete with prawn cocktail, cheese fondue, trifle and babycham) are helping to soften the blow. landing a job in my dream bookshop has also helped matters…

sunday song

this is so, so beautiful. it sounds like magic under the sea.

sunday song

on y va

i’ve been in france for nearly a month now, farming, reading and eating in ran and sun. it is really really great.






all photos taken by louis

sunday songs

kimya dawson is one of my favourite singers ever. she always makes me feel happy and better and more creative. she is great. louis took me to see her for my birthday and she was the best person i have ever seen live ever. these are a few of my favourites – but i love them all cos they are all so good!

sunday song

i will be seeing this band tonight – very excited!