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a beautiful video by gemma green-hope.

my meditation

we don’t have mistakes, we just have happy accidents.

everything bob ross says makes perfect sense and i could melt into his voice and sleep forever.


wonderful, wonderful

non ci posso credere

i went to see this last night and it was so good. it was on at the pound arts centre in corsham which is a saving grace if you live in chippenham where there is really not much to do.

toni servillo plays the main character, jep gambardella, and he has such wonderful on screen presence as he draws you through a reflection on his life. the whole film is a visual feast with a bacchanalianĀ air which makes the two and a half hours fly by. i molto molto recommend this film although it reminded me that in my two months in italy i learnt a pitiful amount of the language.


the green beautiful

a strange and funny film about an alien from a utopian planet’s visit to earth and her perspective on the way we live our lives…


it is starling season and the fields surrounding the farm are full of them. murmurations of them swoop around just before sunset and you can hear an almighty whooshing noise as they all leave the trees in perfect synchronicity. it reminds me of watching them at the end of the pier in brighton and it feels like home.

beautiful bees

a wonderful wonderful and important documentary (with subtitles on top of subtitles)

great news

yes! this is coming out next year and it looks great!

before sunrise

i finally watched this film last night and it was truly beautiful.