a beautiful video by gemma green-hope.


books books everywhere

su blackwell


in love with this catalogue and this artist.

you see, i want a lot.
perhaps i want everything
the darkness that comes with every infinite fall
and the shivering blaze of every step up.
so many live on and want nothing
and are raised to the rank of prince
by the slippery ease of their light judgements
but what you love to see are faces
that do work and feel thirst.
you love most of all those who need you

as they need a crowbar or a hoe.

you have not grown old, and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out its own secret. 


rainer maria rilke

time passes



Under Milkwood from Jessica Lim on Vimeo.

so wonderful, i could listen to this every night to send me off to sleep. the production  was amazing with a small cast who each played multiple roles and never left the stage, with lilting tones and dreamlike scenes it was beautiful.

moon magic

full moon finished project finally. wedding crackers con chocolates and wildflower seed books. plus this article made me feel like i’m not going mad.

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if it wasn’t for you

mo, i’m twelve! why do grown ups think it’s easier for children to bear secrets than the truth? don’t they know about the horror stories we imagine to explain the secrets?

from inkheart by cornelia funke

summer summer summertime

time to sit back and unwind.

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sunday songs

Spring Fever from RookieMag on 8tracks Radio.

on repeat peat peat.

my meditation

we don’t have mistakes, we just have happy accidents.

everything bob ross says makes perfect sense and i could melt into his voice and sleep forever.