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say what

these shell books are beautiful and so clever… i am keeping my mind ticking in the hope that something this clever occurs to me at some point.

these books are available to buy on etsy here



as well as the books i made for christmas, i also made my sister some chai teabags…

bunny jar

these were really easy to make! i cut out circles of muslin and sewed a running stitch around the edge leaving a long tail of thread. i then spooned a little of the mixture into each circle, pulled the thread tight and knotted it. i also made a jar to put them in by sticking a plastic bunny to an old jar and spray painting it white – my sister loves bunnies (i think?). i made a prototype batch for myself and it tastes really good! i got the recipe from here.


december is moving really fast – i’m nearly halfway through my advent candle already. i’ve been spending my dark winter nights paper mache-ing and making decorations out of old oranges.


the one on the left is the beautiful advent calendar that louis bought for me and the one on the right is the one that i made him (it’s got homemade white chocolate buttons inside…). my friend showed me how to do the orange slice thing – you just slice up an orange, in a much neater way than i did, and put the pieces to dry out on the radiator. then you can do anything with them – i’ve tied red bows to mine and stuck them to the wall.


paper, paper everywhere – a magazine christmas tree and a paper mache bowl in the making…


another old orange i found in the fruit bowl  – i made a pomander to make our hallway smell less strange. it’s looking more christmassy – but sadly we still do not have a tree.

nu wallet

this literally took 5 minutes to make and was totally free cos i took the empty carton from work. all you need is scissors, staples, an elastic band and a tetra-pak carton. so frugally fashionable.

i followed the instructions on this website: http://www.bicycology.org.uk/tetra_pak.htm. it’s killa easy and you can decorate the carton and whatnot before or after you chop it up to make it a little more pretty… i just liked to keep the name soya soleil,

four candles

the other night i used up the end of a bag of wax flakes i had lying around* to make half a lavender candle to replace the (extremely long-lasting) asda scented candle that had lived in the glass before it. it smells so good!


*left-over from a time when i just made everyone i knew teacup candles for every occasion