Tag: documentary

the green beautiful

a strange and funny film about an alien from a utopian planet’s visit to earth and her perspective on the way we live our lives…


beautiful bees

a wonderful wonderful and important documentary (with subtitles on top of subtitles)

searching for sugar man

i watched this film last night and it is really really good. the story is so amazing and uplifting that it is hard to believe that this is actually a true story. the fact that rodriguez was quietly living his life whilst in south africa he was the symbol for a revolution is so bizarre and beautiful – if you haven’t already watched it you definitely should!

notable hannahs

this evening i’ve been looking at notable hannahs (not including hannah montana) and stumbled across hannah hauxwell, who was a farmer from the yorkshire dales and a subject in the documentaries too long a winter and a winter too many which were shown on itv in the 1970s and the late 1980s. i watched both back to back – it is easy to see why a nation fell in love with this hardworking woman from the dales who had a hard and lonely life. she was so endearing and contented and had such a love of  her landscape and family home that it was impossible not to be moved be her lovely, lilting yorkshire dialect.

les glaneurs et la glaneuse

this is a strangely captivating documentary by agnes varda about the french art of ‘gleaning’. i like the idea of gleaning (better than i like the phrase ‘freeganism’) and i’ve eaten enough millie’s cookies from binbags (thanks louis) to finally stop being squeamish about it. if it smells good and it looks clean then it is probably fine to eat…

one day

i’ve day-dreamed about living like this since i was little, watching this made me realise that it doesn’t have to be just a day-dream. the book is on my wish-list…

just the best thing

watch all the parts, you won’t regret it.