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panem et circenses

before leaving england i was tired of food and tired of cooking, but living with families on farms, eating their wonderful fresh food i feel ready to start cooking and being excited by food again. especially making things from scratch like bread, cheese and yoghurt.¬†on our farm in bulgaria we ate freshly baked soda bread every day for lunch – it was beautiful and delicious and really easy to make. the blog 100 loaves of solitude is only increasing my desire to experiment with bread, it is a funny and well written blog full of interesting bread recipes that look achievable…


jan svankmajer

our czech hosts introduced us to the wonderful word of jan svankmejer. i came across him in my research for my dissertation on a czech surrealist novel, but didn’t have time to investigate and then forgot all about him. his work is funny and strange and done with no special computer effects – just animation. these two on food are particularly great.