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wild food

we’ve been finding mushrooms and wild carrots and eating dandelions and i’m becoming excited about foraging in the english countryside. this website is a great resource for everything to do with foraging…


edible edible

one of the other wwoofers staying here lent me their food for free book and its great, im going to get one when i get home. it has a calendar of edible plants for the year, good pictures and recipes. it’s also extremely interesting, who knew you could eat beech tree leaves as a salad? i didn’t. it’s a book for the uk, but a lot of the plants can still be found throughout the rest of europe, so hopefully i can memorise some useful things if we get stuck in the wilderness.

allium ursinum

collected some wild garlic on the way home from the farm today and made delicious soup. so called allium ursinum because the brown bears love them. luckily (or unluckily) there are no brown bears in france so we got loads.


big bundle of wild garlic leaves and stems chopped finely





chop the potatoes and onions up finely and put in a pan with the butter and cover in salt and pepper. put the lid on and leave for 10-20 minutes until softish. add stock and cook til soft. then add the garlic and leave until wilted. blend it all together and add some creme fraiche. very, very good.

shortcut to mushrooms

i really want to learn more about foraging before we head off in the van. i know this trip is going to cost a lot of money, so any saved on food is a plus. i just want to get out there and start foraging stuff already – i went blackberry picking at the start of autumn but that’s been all so far… i’m very aware that i may poison myself with misguided foraging and NOBODY wants that.