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sunday was the beginning of a week of events about local produce, permaculture and the ‘transition’ project in semur-en-auxois.

as our french is still not good, we went to the only english film that was being screened on the day called ‘transition 2.0’. it was great, all about a project called transition¬†¬†which is about communities making small actions that all can all work together to try and make a difference to the world around them. they have them everywhere all doing different things and i think once i am home it would be good to try and get involved in something.

this film is also really good. we’ve been seeing the fun and the not so fun side of small scale farming, but so far i am still holding on to my dream of a smallholding and this film has so many great ideas.



on y va

i’ve been in france for nearly a month now, farming, reading and eating in ran and sun. it is really really great.






all photos taken by louis