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instant favourite


it’s been a while


a beautiful video by gemma green-hope.

my meditation

we don’t have mistakes, we just have happy accidents.

everything bob ross says makes perfect sense and i could melt into his voice and sleep forever.


wonderful, wonderful

jan svankmajer

our czech hosts introduced us to the wonderful word of jan svankmejer. i came across him in my research for my dissertation on a czech surrealist novel, but didn’t have time to investigate and then forgot all about him. his work is funny and strange and done with no special computer effects – just animation. these two on food are particularly great.



sunday was the beginning of a week of events about local produce, permaculture and the ‘transition’ project in semur-en-auxois.

as our french is still not good, we went to the only english film that was being screened on the day called ‘transition 2.0’. it was great, all about a project called transition¬†¬†which is about communities making small actions that all can all work together to try and make a difference to the world around them. they have them everywhere all doing different things and i think once i am home it would be good to try and get involved in something.

this film is also really good. we’ve been seeing the fun and the not so fun side of small scale farming, but so far i am still holding on to my dream of a smallholding and this film has so many great ideas.


marble club

of all the places in france i have somehow (unknowingly) arrived in a town with one of the only dedicated bookbinding schools in the country. it’s been making me think lots about the future and possibilities. seeing this video today, i’ve been thinking about all the materials involved in making a book and how it would be good to start from scratch with all of them, making the tools, paper and leather yourself. maybe i’ll find someone along the way who knows something about it…

searching for sugar man

i watched this film last night and it is really really good. the story is so amazing and uplifting that it is hard to believe that this is actually a true story. the fact that rodriguez was quietly living his life whilst in south africa he was the symbol for a revolution is so bizarre and beautiful – if you haven’t already watched it you definitely should!