kafka on the shore


this book was given to me by one of my close friends (thanks anna you are great). the only other book that i have read by haruki murakami (after dark) was given to me by another friend last year. i loved them both and i really want to read more by him now – the way he writes feels so clean and beautiful and intriguing all at once. i felt slightly confused all the way through (in a nice way) and from the two books that i have read by murakami i get the feeling that all of his writing is like this. with books i tend to like everything to be explained and for there to be a happy ending – this doesnt happen in kafka on the shore, the book seems to end quietly, like the moment has closed and you’ve been exposed to everything you are going to see, leaving you guessing. for some reason in this book it didn’t annoy me that it ended this way, in fact i really liked it.