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through the keyhole

my most recent book – which still needs one little bit of sewing that i haven’t gotten around to doing yet…

IMG_1707 IMG_1706

i used the same khadi paper from the last book and this time i managed to get one of the flowers slap bang on the front.


half a million years binding

we just finished the last book we will make in class before christmas – it was meant to be a quick and easy long stitch binding but for some reason it took us weeks of classes. although it was an extremely long labour of love i’m pleased with the results – i got to try out my first bit of fancy stitching and i think it looks pretty good!



i used a paper called khadi paper for the cover of this book. it’s a handmade paper and this one has been made with blue wildflowers running through it – unfortunately the best flowers are inside the cover so you can’t see them. maybe it’s best that they are protected inside though…