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allium ursinum

collected some wild garlic on the way home from the farm today and made delicious soup. so calledĀ allium ursinumĀ because the brown bears love them. luckily (or unluckily) there are no brown bears in france so we got loads.


big bundle of wild garlic leaves and stems chopped finely





chop the potatoes and onions up finely and put in a pan with the butter and cover in salt and pepper. put the lid on and leave for 10-20 minutes until softish. add stock and cook til soft. then add the garlic and leave until wilted. blend it all together and add some creme fraiche. very, very good.



as well as the books i made for christmas, i also made my sister some chai teabags…

bunny jar

these were really easy to make! i cut out circles of muslin and sewed a running stitch around the edge leaving a long tail of thread. i then spooned a little of the mixture into each circle, pulled the thread tight and knotted it. i also made a jar to put them in by sticking a plastic bunny to an old jar and spray painting it white – my sister loves bunnies (i think?). i made a prototype batch for myself and it tastes really good! i got the recipe from here.

getting in the spirit

this week i watched muppet christmas carol and it’s a wonderful life, made mince pies and mulled wine and started to get excited about christmas.


and i also ate this nice dinner – roasted butterbeans, tomatoes and brocolli with cous cous…


mulled wine recipe

half a cinnamon stick

2 cardamom pods

pinch of grated nutmeg

rind and juice of 1 orange

4 cloves

75g sugar

bottle of red wine

put all the spices, sugar and orange rind and juice in a pan and pour over enough wine so that it’s just covered. then boil until it’s all syrupy. turn to low and add the rest of the wine and maybe a cup of water if you like (i like). it smells and tastes amazing!