a long, long book

when i was doing research for my dissertation*, i read a lot about surrealism and its gothic influences. two gothic books that kept cropping up were ‘the monk’ and ‘the mysteries of udolpho’. i only had time to read ”the monk’ and so i left ‘the mysteries of udolpho’ on my reading pile and didn’t think about it until recently when the weather was dark and stormy and i wanted a good gothic novel to curl up with.

i am a fast reader but this took me so long to read! it’s not a heavy novel – just a bit slow to get used to (because of the wild amount of commas) and, although i liked the story, i felt it wasn’t quite the terrifying and supernatural book i thought i was going to be reading. i liked this quote though – i think it explains what the gothic is all about:

but a terror of this nature, as it occupies and expands the mind, and elevates it to high expectation, is purely sublime, and leads us, by a kind of fascination, to seek even the object, from which we appear to shrink.’

this is what i mean about the commas. i’d give it three and a half thumbs up, quite good.

*which was about the czechoslovakian surrealist novel ‘valerie and her week of wonders’